Selection Criteria

What is Selection Criteria?

The selection criteria are a list of the skills, knowledge and work experience that you need in order to secure the specific position that you are applying for.

Selection Criteria is also used by the employer to shortlist applicants during the interview process, as it allows the recruiter to get a more detailed understanding of how your skills, knowledge and experience align with the selection criteria requirements of the advertised position.

Selection Criteria responses are predominantly used within the public sector (government roles) as well as Universities, as a way for the recruiter to assess your capabilities against other applicants going for the same position.

Creating a custom response, which addresses the selection criteria in line with best practice is one of the more challenging processes, if you are applying for a government or university position. However, our role as professional writers is to address the selection criteria according to the application requirements, taking into consideration the STAR Method (SAO method), amongst other submission requirements.

Why is a Selection Criteria response so important?

If you are required to write a statement of claims against the selection criteria, then you must be aware this is likely to be the most important document in your application. It is used to assess you against other applicants, with scores often given for each criterion.

Please note; we also do Expressions of InterestAnswering of Application Questions and Capability Statements, if required by the advertised position, to ensure that you have the greatest chance at securing an interview.

Selection Criteria and the STAR Method

At Adelaide Resume, our HR Managers and Recruiters are very well trained in selection criteria writing. We address all selection criteria using the best practice “STAR” response method, to ensure we are complying with best practice.

The STAR method stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result and we meticulously ensure that we use this methodology when addressing each selection criterion. If there is a requirement to use the SAO (Situation, Action, Outcome) method, all our writers are extensively trained in this style of response as well.

The advantage of having a HR Professional write your selection criteria is enormously beneficial, as they are usually the ones who would be recruiting for these types of submissions and therefore, know exactly what needs to be included and how the response needs to be tailored.

Email us today for an obligation free quote. We will review the selection criteria requirements and provide you with a detailed quote to be able to best assist you along your application journey.

Why Adelaide Resume writers?

Here at Adelaide Resume, we make it our mission to employ the very best people in the business. Our team is made up of both HR professionals and recruitment managers who have years of experience in interviewing candidates. It is this experience and knowledge that makes them the ideal people to help you with the preparation of your professional resume (cv), cover letter, selection criteria and or LinkedIn write up.

They know what recruiters are looking for (having been there themselves) and can give you pointers that will ensure you tick all of the right boxes.

Whether you need help with writing your resume, creating a LinkedIn profile, applying for a government or university position or all of the above, we are more than happy to assist!

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